Monday, May 31, 2010


Brushes:Patotnyer jd Will Smith, tpi jadi pak cik mane ntah skunk.
Pas abes biochem ni aku try lg buat die jd lebey "will smith"

Aku yakin, aku pasti... Tapi masih lagi buat silap..
Puas la aku kire bulan jun ade bpe ari kt penumbuk, siap triple check lg, biase la, math aku mmg trok gle.. jawapan die ttp 3o. Aku pown dengan redha nyer bace la buku sepenuh ati smlm..

12 mlm 30 jun 2010:
haikal:lepak r amir, ade 24 jam lg...
aku: ha? WTf, pekse esok kowt..

shit gle r, upe nyer skrang bulan 5, aku pekse 1 Jun..

Menggelupur kegembiraan aku tau pasal ni...

Nasib baik aku sedar awal, klu x, pagi tdi korg sume buley la tgk aku mengamuk sorg2 kt dewan pekse marah2 pak cik buat teh 2.

"2 la arab @#$%^& bukrah2 (esok). Pemalas!!"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Brushes on my iPod


First art on my iPod.. after some grueling hours with biochemistry textbook i spend about 30 minutes on this painting. Fully painted on my iPod touch with the app called "Brushes" available on iTunes for $4.99 as usual there's always other way of getting it :-). It is in B&W because i really don't want to mess with colours, i'm not good at colour. :-p

i'll try to sketch other thing on my iPod, if my drawing is improving i will consider for an iPad...

my phone

He's planning to dominate the world from
his little lappy.
Kisah HenPon ku
(gmba diatas di ambil ketika hp ni berfungsi bru2 ni)

Pada asalnya aku tukar Hp SE k770i ni dengan adik aku, ayu.. Die nak sangat K800i yang aku gune 2 cz ade xenon Flash jadi buleh la die amek gmba "self potrait" die ngan kulit tmpak lebih cerah dan clear..senang nk post processing kt Photoshop buang jerawat la dan buat muka nmpak gebu. Sebagai abg yg baik aku pown tuka jer la.. Nipis jugak K770i ni klu nk banding ngan k800i yg gedabak 2.

Sepanjang dekat Malaysia, henpon ni x pernah buat hal walaupun ade la terjatuh kt jalan tar, n bberapa insiden yg membuatkn die ade calar sikit2.

2 ari sblom aku bertolak ke Mesir, memory card 2gb aku hilang ntah mane jer aku letak smpai xbuley cri blik... sedey o, klu nk gune built-in memory 2 brape kping jer la yg aku buley amek gmba jadi aku pown low kan la resolution smpai VGA *(very good aahh). ade la dlm 100 gmba kowt. dapat la aku amek gmba kt Bahrain time transit 2.

Tiba jer kt Mesir, hp ni masih sihat.. Time 2 musim luruh kowt, siang panas malam da start sejuk2. Aku still buley amek gmba jawab call.. Pas 2 minggu die start buat hal, org call aku xdpt aku call org pown xbley. No Network Coverage!! WT..?? saket ati.. "xpela min, buley amek gmba lgi hp ni" dlm ati aku cuba bersyukur ngan ape yg aku ade.

Pas beberapa minggu, Camera die plak buat hal... hp 2 on cm biase tpi gmba kt camera die ijau2 ala2 night vision Modern Warfare 2 pnyer goggle.. siot, gila tension habaq hang...

Masok jer musim bunga aku try lg skali hp ni, OMG! buley la plak.. Tapi tiap2 kali nak guna camera kene hempuk2* dulu bru die normal balik klu x mcm tgk kt night vision goggle la... Buley la kn? Kte kne slalu pandang ape yg kita ade, bukan ape yg org lain ade tpi kte xde..
Rasenyer hp malaysia xtahan sejuk.. musim panas elok jer ade line.

Tapi klu nk maju kte kne la slalu tgk ape yg org lain ade n kita xde n then try improve bila kte dapat benda 2.

Stakat ni saje la yg mmpu aku tulis..
Balik jer Malaysia, aku nk mintak ganti rugi kt ayu. siap ko ayu hahahaha.

Ps: VGA stands for Video Graphics Array 640*480 pixel here
Thanks to hanif, now i know what is VGA really is = very good ahh..
Hp Malaysia xtahan sejuk
To all readers, lets no resort into any kind of violence even when ur phone do Sh.t to you.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Alhamdulliah abes jugak pekse anatomy..

praktikal=ok la, ade gak sgkut2 yg penting ketas yg aku submit 2 penuh ngan lendir2 cadaver dan bau formalin.

written=hampeh blur+strategi bru Prof Hassan terbukti membunuh.

oral=alhamdulliah die tnye soklan yg aku mmg mahir.

pasni kene kuat lgi stadi..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chaos Ring

"War cost a lot of money and sacrifices, so do Exams"
i bought a lot of food
i ate a lot of food
i sacrificed my sleep

After stressful hours of study i downloaded this game.. This is how i feel about it.

A tale of love and loss??
Goldfish boss..The Graphics is on par with the Final Fantasy 6, 7, 9 on Playstation.. P/s: It does makes my device a bit warm, not a very nice side effect during this summer season.

If your device suffers any kind of stuttering during the game play, you can always go to option to disable the special effect like the fog and snow even in the middle of the Boss fight. With a wonderful graphic, i'm quite impressed with the performance. No stuttering at all on my device(iPod Touch 2G Fw3.1.2) with the special effect "on". I don't know how it perform on 1 gen iPhone and iPod touch.
To differentiate itself from the popular sequel "Final Fantasy", Square Enix has implemented some special feature, not a new feature but just a new terms, instead of using the same terms over an over. Eg "Gene" to replace the popular Magic feature. The gene is acquired after you defeat a monster or boss.

Cerberus, the only boss i remember..hahaha. The most troublesome. I'm not used to cast a magic during this period.. I defeated him mostly using physical attack..

The first boss (Dragon-o-what).. i couldn't recall its name (as usual) :-) ... The combat interface let you choose Solo or Pair.. If you choose "Solo", each character will attack, use item or use magic at different time according to its speed. If you choose pair, both in the party will attack at the same time thus giving the sum of their attack power to the opponent..

I've been playing this for 4 hours 3+1 , and no sign of getting bored.

Highly recommended for
1.RPG PHREAK! gamers who wants a long story mode

1.makes my ipod hot. Heat can kill battery fast.

Cost: $15.99 on iTunes quite steep when compared to other games
Size: 253Mb

There is always easy way to get it without selling any of your limb or organ. :-p
click here its a Mediafire link.
P/s: make sure your device is jailbroken, and "installous" already *installed

*if you don't want to use itunes to sync it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Wedding Plan

What? i've been tagged!!

I'm a YOUNG person with a good reputation, answering these controversial question will somehow affect me.

Here's my answer after a bunch of calculation, formula deriving and political analysis

1. How old are you?
~19 years and 6 month. hahahha YOUNG. 9th Nov1990

2. Are you single?
~Yup, dont ask why, how, where or when :-(

3. At what age do you think you'll get married?
~At first it was at 30, but who knows right? environmental factor eg. DPMZ (bait muslim), with my cousins & friends getting married.

4. Do you think you'll marry the one you're with now?
~Error 404, conflict with question #3

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
~try Google you lazy bump

6. Who will be you bridesmaid & bestman?
~what is this? bidaah dolalah...

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
~beach/bitch? i choose garden wedding..

8. Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
~Me: Jeju island or Venice Her:i dunno

9. How many guest do you think you will invite?
~everyone, why would i want to keep it secret by inviting small number of guest?

10. Will that include your exes?
~maybe, dunno la...we'll see

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
~i am thinking about a very big KLCC-shaped cake. the adults get the base, the kids will get the top part. whoa, genius!

12. When do you want to get married? morning or evening?
~if possible, i prefer at night.. save the awkward waiting moment. What do you think we're going to do waiting for the night to come? just an awkward silence.

13. Name of song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding
~Of course Aerosmith-I dont want to miss a thing. To download click here. A BIG maybe i am the one who will be singing at my very own wedding.

14. Your wedding colour theme
~red. hawt howt hot..wooo roar!

15. Do you prefer fine dining or normal spoon&fork? knife?
~normal sudaeh

16. Champagne or red wine?
~Asob lemon. (Sugar Cane drink with lemon.)

17. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
~days after the wedding. Where the hell are you thinking we're gonna be in the first few days.hahhaha.

18. Money or household item..
~money, its flexible.. i don't want to have hundreds of rice cooker in my future house. :-)

19. How many kids would you like to have?
~depends. 1-2 is just nice

20. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/Cd
~Blu-Ray format. 1900*1080.Streaming will be available in netflix & hulu for $9.99

21. Ur dream present from your future wife
~ the word "Yes" when i propose to her. I can't get happier when she say "yes". Enough with the "yes"

22. Whose wedding plan would you like to know next?
~i am thinking.. wait for the update.

To do list After My final exam

Here's my to do list after the exam..

1. Integrate Touch n GO in to my iPod/phone. Involving dissolving some plastic using strong acid and implanting the chip into my iPod. If posssible i would like to try Visa Wave.

2. Build a new battery pack for my laptop. Its power rating should be around 6000mAh~10000mAh (my current half dead battery was rated 4400 mAh last less than an hour) that can make my laptop last for about 5-6 hours of maximum abuse.

3. Since i like to walk a lot, i hate to carry dead gears(iPod, Phone), so I will build a portable charging station that i can carry in my bag, Solar panel will not be an option since it is too pricey.

4. building high gain parabolic antenna that can get a lock on an access point 1 km away ~10db. I think i can do much more than this, but money always limiting my activity. its enough for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baru jer lepas chat ngan membe lame kt Fb, sembang pasal camera, photography contest...beza aku ngan die, aku still xde camera sampai skrang. Pas 2 ttbe jer aku emo, tringt la blik cmner aku buley terjebak ngan fotografi ni.
Sume ni start ble aku mule melepak ngan abg husaini(technician) ngan Cikgu Farid, knl dorg time jage P.A system.. Dorg bg aku cover event2 kt skula, bgge la time 2 cz ketua Kelab fotografi pown xpenah dpt peluang nk pgg kamera Nikon D70 skula 2.

Tpi pas 3 thun, aku still same, xde kamera lg sampai skrang. Adeh, sedihnyer.. aku yakin rmai lg kt luar sane yg same cm aku, funding trok gle. hhahaha

aku yakin rmai kt luar sane yg mcm aku(duit xckup2) berbulu tgk anak2 org kaye beli kamera bkn main beso pas 2 pi canang merate "I ade DSLR oo" bila tgk dial kt body camera 2 sumenyer "automatic", siot, "buang la kamera 2 bang oi" buat ape doe beli kamera beribu pas ko set auto, buang mase.

*bilo la duit den nk ckup?

*lame gak aku pikir pasal nk buat button donate..hahhaha, sape yg nk donate? haa, itu yg kita xtau. gmba ni bukan donate button sebenar, gmba semate-mate.

*kt page aku ni ade link flickr aku, pegi la tgk2, klu rse aku berbakat dan anda terasa byak duit yg xterpakai kontek2(comment la kt bwah) la saya untuk sponsor camera k?

*kpd yg sponsor *klu la ade aku offer diri aku jd photographer korg klu korg nk kawin nnti, 15 jam punyer wedding pown aku sggup.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poyo Session

Aku jarang pergi dapur, klu pegi pown jz amek gula nk buat air. Tapi bila kaki ini menjejak dapur, inilah yang terjadi, mereka quote kata2 aku, mereka ikot style aku memasak. Mungkin mereka tau kalau aku jejak sahaja kaki kt dapur 2 msti ade keajaiban yg akan berlaku. contohnyer gmba kt atas ni.

"Keanapa orang lelaki hebat memasak?..
kerana mereka masak tanpa resipi"
Chef Wan Aminuddin

Aku cakap lepas jer, xsangke plak buley jadi inspirasi kt dorg. Hahahaa. Tapi jgn salah sangka, bkn sume housemate aku x brape reti masak, cuma belum cukup hebat jer.. :-p.

Rahsia saya?? mane buley bgtau..

Rahsia Chef-chef MTA tingkat 3.
1. Semua makanan mesti ade Rencah Bismillah
2. Zikrullah untuk setiap kali kacau lauk 2.
3. Keikhlasan
4. Kasih sayang :-)

setakat ini sahaja lah saya mampu mempoyokn diri..
Sekian, terima kasih

Ps: jati diri ku makin meningkat lpas menulis post ini..