Thursday, January 28, 2010

When future meets the past,
all you can have is either
a smile
or a curse
it depends on how you treat
the present days.

Production Date: 28th January 2010
Expiry Date :until the time machine is invented

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm really not in the mood to write anything...

Friday, January 15, 2010

kenyang kenyang

Kenyang Siot
AAAARGH!!Sape yg abeskn makanan kt La Tansa??? mmg buley menimbulkan kemarahan..huh. Aku nk ayam bakar kuah kacang..

Last2 gua grak Mahattoh

Menu: 1/2 ekor Ayam Bakar
Nasi Minyak Arab
Roti Arab
Jus Manggo
Pecah Prut nk masokkan sume ni skali makan, bt neway, still berbaloi cz kenyang

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No extreme coldness, no winter rage/climax as it should be like they said to me since the very first step of me in Egpyt.. 15Sept2009 :-)

They said "maybe you will not see any more snow at the peak of mountains in Sinai like we do couples of years ago"

They said, "it should be raining by now so then the temp will go down till the end of Feb, but its no gonna happen this year."

They said "this year's winter is so flat"..

The global warming effect maybe?

The winter is shortening by year, the ice cap at the pole is melting faster than you could imagine, the cute, polar bear, penguins suffers .. Do your part in preserving our mother Earth.

Start from the simplest that you can, like:
1. use wisely every inch of the paper before tossing it out for RECYCLE. Recycle is a good thing but still few poor tree is dead to make the writing space that you fill.
2.Invest more on environmentally friendly products.. It may cost more but nothing to what you could save(the world).
3. Recycle at home, work, school..Everywhere
4.when out for shopping, take along with you your own shopping bag.
5.plant trees..
6.spread the word.. maybe most of us know this, but very few are well aware enough to even take any action.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marah & Sayang

Post kali ni nk cerita pasal emosi sepanjang aku kt Mesir

3Januari 2010
Tdi mase lecture Nerve&Muscle, ade la 2-3 org bdk Arab masuk klas ktorg tuk amek krusi sbb lab dorg xckup krusi.. 2 org pertame ok jer, lecturer 2 still cool ntah knape lg 2 yg msuk lmbt skit tuk amik krusi jgk tpi kne mara ngan die. Die mara dlm bhse yg x aku pahami, jd aku tgk jela, rsenyer die citer psal amanah sbb hall tuk mmg tuk bdk melayu. Klu tgk care die mara, mmg ganaz jgk lebey dri die pnah mara ktorg.. Time 2 bru aku terpikir, rupenyer klu ktorg kne mara ngan lecturer, itu adalah selembut-lembut marah die kt ktorg lgsg xmcm die mara bdk2 Arab. Haiz... Sayang jgk lect kt ktorg ni..

Dr Abeer Albiomy, lecturer Physiology ktorg.. die ni seorang doktor yg warak, pkai hijab/purdah dan paling semangat dalam mengajar n memastikan ktorg stadi chapter yg die ajar.die slalu ckp die nk rezeki yg halal jd die cbe wat yg terbaek tuk ktorg. Die jgk ade wat extra klas time raye haji, bg aku 2 pengorbanan besar cz sume pak Arab cuti time 2..ade skali 2 pas abis klas die byk la arab berpusu-pusu masuk lecture hall, ktorg org melayu mcm biasa la..mengalah je la, not a big deal pown..tpi ttbe Dr.Abeer tengking2 bdk Arab suruh dorg kuar dlu bg laluan kt bdk2 Melayu kuar dri situ,.. Rse bersalah jgk kt bdk2 Arab 2, kesian.. Bg aku xde pape sgt pun hal 2.

Dr.Amal Suleiman lecturer Anatomy:Upper Limb.. Dia ni bley than alim n mempunyai sifat2 keibuan yg sgt tggi terhadap bdk Melayu. Dia slalu tegur n suruh bdk Melayu stadi n bg nasihat. tpi bila dia rse cre die ckp ngan lemah lembut 2 x berkesan dia pun arrange 2 jam extra klas setiap mggu, rsenyer aku da mkin improve dlm upper limb.. Thanks Dr Amal


Loading iTunes proves to be an annoying process you'd ever encounter if you use a low end computer... just imagine you need to transfer a few tracks to your ipod, its not worth of waiting itunes load up the whole crap..

Thanks to Sharepod,
This little free app support the ipod touch and iphone and not just ipods that support disk mode(1st gen to nano 5g).. everything was smooth from the beginning the app was being loaded to the end of the process(ejecting the ipod).

list of thing that sharepod can do;
1. copy tracks to ipod
2.edit, add playlist
3.capable af editing ID3 metatag(artwork, lyric, album,etc...)
4.capable of playing tracks on your ipod.
5.view photos
6.copy all content in your ipod to pc.

i think it is more than enough(well, not all)..

Driver for the iphone or ipod touch is not compiled with the sharepod, dunno why.but maybe copyright issue or to keep the software as light as possible to be downloaded.. this means that you still need to install itunes. anyway, you still gonna use it sometimes because sharepod still does not support application syncing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New study skill

this is a photo i believed to be the first man to follow my instruction
it should look like this if you follow.
(Haikal, my cousin)

This study skill is intended to be followed by whom which is seeking for an efficient way to study without sacrificing his connection to the world because i believed that some of us finds it very hard to study while maintaining to be online.

steps 1. make yourself hard to reach your laptop(like under your bed. on top of your bed
2. sit on that bed

3. study as hell as you can
4.whenever you hear the BUZZ sound, relax..
5. remain where you are
6. flip down, n see what happening beneath..

7. reply with the same position
harder to reply makes you less determined to reply, less determined to reply make you spend less time on your computer..

InsyaAllah you will find it very useful..

New year..


1st time smbut new year kt negeri orang...
kt cni xde sgt smbutan new year..mebi ade kt cairo.
kt zagazig,
mmg xde r
sabo jer la, terpakse la arrange sendiri2 new year party
party kli ni melibatkn 3 umah 24 org..
Venue: MTA tgkt 6
Time :10P.M-1A.M
Menu : ayam bakar
cost-low/colleslow/ntah cmne nk eja ntah
Nasi Kuning

xde pape yg special xcept,
bila lagu negaraku tiba2 terkeluar dri ipod
n dimainkn dalam party 2
semua org berdiri tegak dan menyanyi

Rasenyer ramai yg bru sedar betapa sayangnya mereka kepada negara mereka ( Malaysia).