Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Oh God.. Nice to see my iPod can now transfer files using bluetooth like any normal gadget.. Hey Apple can't you just hear our little voice on bluetooth.

Thanks to the hardcore coders like

It is the rebranded apps that appear a long time ago in Cydia called the iBluetooth, but back a few years earlier the iBluetooth only support the iphone, there is no support for iPod Touch which left the iPod Touch user at the back alone, now it is already supported on iPod Touch too.

To install, make sure you add this repo to Cydia:
sinfuliphonerepo.com does host a number of cracked popular apps, so if cracked apps makes you feels guilty, install the one from ispazio repo & of course it cost you $5.99.

I tried this App and it just works!!hahha. I already transfered .jpeg, .3gp ,. mp3.. These three format extension should be enough for a casual user but i THINK it can accept all kind of files that you throw at it.

The test was done using SEk770i. It got good data transfer of about 50kbps & i found(http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=264613) several other phone also works
Compatible Device

Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6680
Nokia 3555b
Nokia 5130
Nokia 2660
Nokia 5800
Nokia 6121
Nokia 7210 Supernova
NOKIA 6300
nokia E51
Nokia N95
Nokia N82
Samsung Jet
Samsung Rant
Samsung Sync
samsung eternity
Sony Ericsson k618i
Sony Ericsson Z710i
Sony Ericsson k660i
Sony Ericsson w580
Sony Ericsson w205
Motorola RAZR V3xx
Motorola KRZR K1

Partial Success / Issues Reported

Sony Ericsson W995
Sony Ericsson W580i
Sony Ericsson W810i
Sony Ericsson W760i
Most LG Phones report issues/difficulty in configuring/transfewring
Some issues with Windows Vista & Windows 7
The main page is nicely grouped into 4 subgroup, "Rapid Switches" for toggling you bluetooth on/off and your device visibility.
Second group is the "File Manager", it handles about which file you're about to send.

3rd group is the "Activity" group, the name is self explanatory and the last group is the 'Others" group which shows two option, the settings and info.

This app also allow you to change your iPod's bluetooth name & configure your file location whether in library or on the iPod's file system(this only work with images) while videos and music will be simply saved at the
private/var/mobile/media/downloads/yourtube by default.

All in all this is a great little tweak and adds a huge value to the iPhone/iPod Touch. In my opinion this app adds a missing piece to the iPhone that should of been there from the start.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cairo International Book Fair(CIBF)


Ahmar incident

It is a fairly hot day. We got dehydrated easily plus with the dusty environment at the
antique book shop, so we decided to get some refreshment and food before we continue our quest
at the book shops.

We ordered a pizza and 4 caramel for dessert. After we finish it, i'm the only
one who still feels thirsty, so the girl come to take my order. She stood about a meter from me and I ordered a jelly with a serious face while pointing at her(actually my true intention was to show the jelly at the shelf BEHIND her) but the jelly appears to be at the same level with her BOOBs so it appear like i'm ordering her BOOBs! She smiles at us.

The moment I said ahmar(red) to order the red jelly, the girl & my friends laughed leaving me behind clueless. I made a blur face and ask “leh/why?” and they wouldn't stop laughing at me like hell. I ask again and again then only my friend explain to me that “ahmar” was also used to describe PORN. “HUH?”.. with a blushed face I see the girl went away while smiling to make my order. Sure she think I'm reckless man. I had no mood to finish the jelly after that.

This story explain something weird that happen to me few month ago when I was out alone to buy a pen. I asked for red pen, instead of giving me the pen, the salesgirl and another Arab girl was laughing at me. I thought it was my pronunciation maybe it is weird so I went back with the slumber face and the “AHMAR PEN”. Now it is VERY clear for me. I wont use that “ahmar” word or simply point at anything I want. :-) :-)

Cairo International Book Fair(CIBF)

To do list for 10th January 2010

1.Go to embassy to do some documents translation
2.Cairo International Book Fair
3.Find Lucile's Burger(canceled bcoz everyone in the pack finished all their money at the book fair :-))

Search for the Embassy(Safarah)
I asked a few friends about the location of the Malaysian Embassy in Cairo. Generally they gave me three keywords, Safarah, Arma or Mohandisin. Thats all i know about it. So we just go ahead with our plan searching for the embassy.
We took a microbus to Rabaa', Cairo. This is the spot where we came across with the biggest problem. We ask the locals about Safarah and Mohandisin, Then a couples of seconds later he asked me back "Safarah eh?" which mean "What/which Safarah" That question turns my face to be like this.
The only keyword we have turns out to be a total crap. luckily a man which can speak English heard "Mohandisin" and offered us some help.

Here's some guide for anyone(1st year student, future Zagazig student) who wants to go to Embassy:

1.Safarah means Embassy if i'm not mistaken, no one tell me about it before. So if you were asked "Safarah eh?" like what happens to me, don't trembles around. just say "Malizi".. If the locals still don't know ask for Qatar Embassy because the building located near to each other and the Qatar one is much bigger.

2.This is diagram where you need to go

3. The complete Address is
21, El Aanab Street
Mohandessine, Giza

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Thanks to Celcom..
The moment I open my eyes, my cousin said to me Celcom is giving free calls to its customer.. no biggie because it may apply in Malaysia only, and not applicable to us here, Egypt . But then, when he started to chat with his parent, it is just like a dream..
I managed to call my family, relatives and few friends... Those calls worth a few hours of airtime, most importantly, it is international airtime, which is RM2.5o*/min if i'm not mistaken. I'm so relieve right now after hearing that my family is all right. All the stresses, problems are gone as for now although they may come back in a couples of days. Phew... :-) hope the offer will last for the whole week.