Friday, November 12, 2010




ni post kedua untuk arini.. kbtulan terbelek2 hp dan terjumpa gmba ni.

Trimas: Ariff Haikal, Hanif sbb belanja aku kt Borg Fish(mknn seafood arab) sedap o! bila free lagi la sedap.. :-)

*kenyang gle doe..

huh? bpe umo aku skrang??

its been 3 days since my birthday...
(ckp omputih jap)

yup, 9.11.2010 yg lepas adalah hari jadi aku yg ke- ?? 18 kowt :-p
rmai yg ckp umo aku da 20, tpi aku ttp yakin yg umo aku still belasan thun
what's wrong wif them??
aku ade 2-3 kali aku xcelebrate birthday aku
jadi aku still 18 la.
N2, yg penting skali aku still xceleb birthday aku thun ni
ini bermaksud,
thun depan pun aku still lagi ber-umo 18 thun

*A special thanks to those who did wish me on my birthday and not to forget even to those non-wishing persons. I know that deep in your heart, you're wishing me "Happy 18th Birthday!". :-P .
*sorry if may not expressed my thankfulness personally to some of you, but believe me.. your wishes has always been my motivation towards a youth-looking appearance! as long as you don't tell me I'm old already. :-)

dorg mmg sja tggu birthday aku tuk release game nih

How to participate in my birthday month celebration?

1. go to nearest game shop.
2. make a purchase one Call of Duty: Black Ops for pc and send it to me.

Original 1 is better, but i wouldn't mind if it is pirated. as long as i can play, it is good enough

by doing this, you will stand a chance to receive my exclusive "Thanks"

peristiwa 9nov:
1.released date untuk game Call of Duty: Black Ops tuh pasal aku minx game ni tuk arijadi aku..
sila pergi link ini sendiri..malas nk tulis