Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Friday, December 17, 2010


Post ni untuk membe2 aku yg sedang berjuang dgn musim sejuk kt Mesir ni..

Ni perkara yg berlaku kt luar sane, jd jgn jdikan alasan terlalu sejuk untuk x g klas :-). sbnarnya peringatan ni pun untuk diri sendiri jgk.

P/s: -syok jgk klu uni beku trus cm dlm video tuh :-p
-klu rumah beku, xpyah la pegi uni lg afdal klu sama2 trap heat n buat cm dlm igloo.
-bilik aku sentiasa di paras tropika 25++ sbb ade 2 heater + 2 hot guy. :))

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


minggu lepas ade membe aku yg da dpt duit RM50 dari nuffnang.. Berbaloi la dia berblogging dengan serius, aku plak jz nk try2 nk tau btul ker x mende2 ni sume. Lihat la u'ols income aku, aku da kaya sekarang 25 sen dowh income.. hahaha

Ayat skim cpt kaya:
"dulu saya miskin, nk makan pun susa, selepas men"join" skim "begitu begini" duit yg saya dpt kini xhabis dipakai. lihat lah, saya da kaya"

Conclusion: Nuffnang terbukti benar, dan benar2 lambat nk generate income yg masyuk. Blogger beginnner 45 follower cm aku yg 3 bulan join nuffnang jz dapat 25 sen, stended la kn, usaha ciput, ciput la hasil. klu korg nk income yg masyuk kene la letak usaha yg lebey pada blog2 anda ok? xmustahil tetapi xmudah jugak, berjanggut aku tggu 25 sen tuh..

*policy nuffnang: ckup RM 50 bru boley transfer ker akaun bank user + RM 1 akn di deduct sbg transaction fee.
*3bulan dpt 25 sen.. untuk ckupkn smpai RM50 perlukan lebih kurang 25 tahun lagi.. :-p sekejap jer 2 kn?

hi u'ols, I da kaya (RM0.25).. U'ols bila lagi??
klu korg rase cm buley generate smpai beribu view sebulan ke blog korg, korg mungkin buley buat duit ngan mende ni.. So gudluck men'try'-testing Nuffnang! ;-)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ninja Slug


We call a ninja "NINJA" because they throws all sorts of sharp objects to their opponent, but when it is a slug throwing sharp thing?what do you prefer to call them?

This little green creature is exclusively found in the mountains of Malaysia or Borneo to be exact. These slugs shoots tiny darts with hormones to their future mate so that they become "horny slug" to increase the reproductive success :-p.

Myth: i think they learn the strategy from Cupids.. :-) try to find the similarities, they both using arrows/darts

Homework: if it happen that you found them, test it on someone (opposite gender preferably) and leave a comment about your result. :))

Source [National Geographic]

Friday, December 3, 2010

Laptop Buying Guide(with Graphic)

This post is dedicated to those who wanted a versatile laptop (gaming+office work+entertainment).

Before we start, there is a few rule/consideration about laptop with graphic chip inside.
1.battery wont last more than 3 hours especially when playing games w/o nvidia optimus
2.speaking of versatile, don't put much hope to get high setting on newer games. they're just cheap 3rd class graphic being tossed inside to attract you with competitive price
3.heat: its a common problem.
4.its not upgradable like its desktop cousin, at least not w/o serious workaround

click here to view graphic card ranking
the site linked above is a site which they rank mobile graphic card according to their benchmark score, they give us numbers to get exact performance of the graphic chip.

consideration before buying
1.capacity vs speed 512Mb 750Mhz vs 1Gb 600Mhz
3.other spec (cpu, ram)

Capacity vs Speed
Famous scenario when looking at the graphic sticker on the laptop is people tends to get graphic card with more memory. let say 512Mb vs the 1Gb, most of them will go towards the 1Gb card which sometimes have a lower speed than the 512Mb card. why they're doing this? they wants to lure you to pay more w/o any noticeable effect. Think that the manufacturer is the devil, they wants your money! So check the link provided above, go for higher rank graphic if you're in a dilemma between 512Mb vs 1Gb

How much graphic memory do you need?? Slower card wont benefit from 1Gb, there is simply not enough time for it to fills the memory due to its slowness, its like filling a big basin with small pipe, it does take longer time to fill it, but sometime you just dont have the time to wait for it to fill. For now 512Mb is just nice to play with 3rd class graphic card(versatile laptop always come with these 3rd class graphic).

*256Mb card just don't make sense these days, don't buy it if you want to play games released this year

Other Spec:
1.CPU speed: go for low CPU and try to get better graphic one. most game demands only dual core CPU to be played. so i3 is more than enough unless you are going to use your laptop for *serious calculation. serious= calculate pi number up to bajilions decimal points. normal people take it as 3.142 :-p
2.RAM: DDR2 vs DDr3. go for DDR3 its faster but i think in a few month there will be no more laptop with DDR2 memory. 2Gb is barely enough to run Splintercell Conviction so go for 4Gb instead.
3.Ati vs Nvidia: no definite winner, but some says(wild speculation) ati heats up easily.
4.Avoid intel Graphic media accelerator (GMA Hd graphic) no matter how big the memory is. Simply awful graphic to get game even running!

Range: Rm2000~Rm2400 don't expect this price for laptops from Sony or Apple :-p
Laptop price from Lowyat Plaza

*From my experience: acer, hp, compaq tends to overheat easily. i don't know why but sometimes it is just luck is not on your side. some unit that i've known work for 24/7 up to 4 years without any problem but some start to show something only after a few month of light usage.
*"nvidia optimus" is graphic switching technology. Gives the laptop ability to automatically switch between power sucking graphic to low powered integrated intel graphic when not in use. Go for it if you want more battery life.

Anyway gudluck. :-p

Penantian itu penyiksaan


Setahun lebih aku menunggu, last2 siap jugak kad matrik(karnaih) nih.
ingtkn Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara jer yg kureng skit bab2 buat id card ni
rupenyer university aku lebih hebat bab2 buat card yg tidak berkualiti tinggi.

lihat gmba dibawah:tpi pape pun alhamdulillah, siap jugak mende tnpe apa2 perbalahan ngan mane2 arab seperti yg terjadi setiap kali berurusan dengan mereka.lepas ni buleh la tunjuk kad di merata tempat dengan harapan tuk dpt diskaun.

"Shouting and Scolding is part of their culture.. always feel free to do it"