Monday, April 26, 2010

Malay & Chinese in Egypt


This what it would be when a Malay meets a Chinese in Egypt.

I was on my way back to my place, he was sitting beside me in the stuffed microbus and looks quite confused.. The way he dressed i'm quite sure he wasn't here for any corporate meeting. :-). (seriously, he only wears a simple shirt and brought a very army-looking bag with few stitches on it)

when we arrived at the "station".

I asked him in English for the purpose he was here in Zagazig.
He replied with "sinni". which means chinese in arabic.
and few "la' englizi" means no english

Hahaha, here's the fun..

I tried to asked him in arabic which i barely know. :-p
he also tried so hard to say few arabic words.
we're talking in Arabic!!!

It ends up like an alien from different planet that both speaks different language then trying to talk in another alien language. So eager to talk eventhough they dont understand even a single word that came from their mouth.

The aliens conversation end with smile and Ma'asalamah without knowing anything about each other.

Haha, such a nice evening.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Use your Maybank Visa debit card with paypal


Maybank Visa Debit Card with Paypal tutorial

I was in the middle of something, i'm stuck...arrgh!!
then i found out that no way i can get "that" component in Malaysia..
Many people will suggest me, blah3.
So i went to the bank and change my bankcard to Visa Debit card
tried to link to Paypal
then stuck again,
urgh! There is BIG VISA sign on that card
nothing wrong with the card
i've used it several time to pay in few shopping mall
but it simply won't link to paypal.

That was back 2 years earlier..
Now i found out that Maybank is allowing your Visa Debit Card to be link to Paypal.
Here's the link, CLICK HERE
i'm going to try it when i get back to Malaysia later this year,
i think i forget the Maybank2u password.. :-P

P/s: Apparently a lot of people pissed off so Maybank allowed it now.GOOD boy Maybank.. :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Xde pape pown.. saje nk update jugak..

Ni la gmba Abdussalam yg tinggal kt Salam.. Dia Xprasan kowt aku amek gmba ni.. time nie die duk khusyuk dgar lect histo membebel..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Opera Mini for Iphone/IPod Touch


It was approved by Apple..
now what?

I'm quite happy with Safari on my IPod Touch, it is fast and responsive unlike other web browser that ever approved by Apple before for the IPhone OS.

It was designed with simplicity in mind, if you have been using the iPhone/iPod Touch for a time being, it wont be any steep learning curve to learn how to Opera Mini. On my first run of it, i was greeted with some tips and tricks of the Opera Mini (no one ever need it i think) :-) .. The main element of the Opera Mini is the popular speed dial. It comes with 9 slot for users to customize. Customizing the speed dial slot was a breeze, just tap a little longer on the tile and it will prompt you whether to remove or edit, it just common sense. The second element in this apps is the bottom bar where you can find the setting, refresh button and the tabs. To view the tabs you have opened, you just need to tap on the tabs tile, then it will show you small tilled style preview of every tabs running in background, so no interruption when you're checking the tabs. This is what i've been waiting for in Safari, no browsing interruption while i'm checking the tabs.

The dirty secret which makes the Opera for mobile so fast is the preprocessing of the web data on the Cloud to make the data size and the browsing speed too be blazingly fast. It compress the web and makes less data transfered to your device thus lowering the loading speed and may save few bucks if you're not on unlimited Data plan. Plus, your web wont be rendered on the device, thus reserving the CPU resource. When you are in the go or kind of need any quick info you can always check the lowest image quality from the settings so that you can have a relatively fast browsing effect.

I couldn't review on browsing speed as i'm using a very slow wifi connection at home. I dont know how to describe this, the pinch to zoom gesture seems to work but not perfectly like on the Safari. If you apply the pinch, there is no intermediate level of zoom for example when you zoom it will zoom all the way up and if you pinch again it will go all the way down.

++ Feature
1.Find in page( find a word in the opened tab)
2.Font size changer(user can choose from small medium large) good for the elderly. It such a emotional moment to see my parents struggling to read the text on my iPod, i really hope I can help them :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

OS 4.0


Since the first OS, a lot has improved.. The reality is, Apple intentionally release the feature bit by bit just to make their customer feels its a great product. Most of the iPhone, iPod Touch are jailbroken, and Cydia always hears the owners prayers. Lets hope that the release of the OS4.0 today will bring something superior than what we can get on Cydia for now.

My hope for today OS4.0 announcement
1.Bluetooth DUN profile
2.FM radio. I hope the chip will be unlock today.(most of the people said it is impossible due to lack of antenna)
3.New way to transfer picture(drag&drop)

what i would hate to hear:
1.bug fixes
2.$5.99 to upgrade

live coverage for the OS4.0 event here [Gizmodo Live]

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sardin owh sardin

Dari kecik lagi aku mmg minat gle mknn yg berasaskn sardin, roti sardin, karipap sardin, sardin mentah..sume aku bantai.

Arini aku berjaya buat sandwich, sng rupenyer, jz cmpur sardin mentah ngan mayonis ngan sos cilli..(da 19 thun beberapa bulan hidup baru tau buat sandwich.ish3.

Problem solved..hati ku da tenang

gmba tin sardin kt atas 2 bknla sardin yg aku gune, sardin yg ade tempat tarik 2 mhal sikit 5genih setin, xmmpu aku nk beli, aku beli sardin 5 tin 10 genih 2 jer.

hairan: npe tmpat2 yg aku pegi jrg gle jual/serve sardine? sedap r..

jiwa aku akan tenang pas mkn sardin

aku berjaya xmakan sardin selama beberapa bulan kt mesir ni..impressive

haziq: muke ko da mcm sardin
(pengakuan membe sendiri)

kentut akan berbau wangi pas mkn sardin

2 jela fakta2 aku dan sardin

jiwa yg xtenang

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Love MTA city


What do you know about "LEGEND"?
come and visit MTA city

"The city which all the Living Legend Lives"

*puas aku fikir, btul ker grammar aku, but who cares?. "korek mi if aim rong" :-)

*MTA stand for Maof Tanta Adim( Perhentian Tanta Lame). klu nk g Tanta naik kt cni la, tpi da xde da maof ni. da ganti ngan maof lain

*ni la tempat tinggal aku kt Mesir ni

*xde la bandar pown, saje jer nk kasi "up" sket bile org bc.

*MTA ni buley la dikatekn salah satu perkampungan siswa kt Zagazig nih.

*sebab2 ktorg ckp tmpat ni da jadi bandar?
1. Sebab kt cni da ade perhentian baru untuk ker Fayyoum & Matghrom
2. Da ade gerai2 sket kt perhentian 2, buley makan tokmiyah.
3. Jln tar kt dpn uma ktorg bru di renovate, nk kasi lawa sket jer. tpi ktorg "up"kn ckp nk buat lebuh raye bertingkat.
4. Ade landasan keratapi, nmpak cm tmpat yg maju sket, (realitinyer, train yg mcm dlm cter Slumdog Millionaire jer)

Thursday, April 1, 2010



ni la buku yg aku gune tuk buat aku jd
nmpak mude, tpi xjd,
Rmai gle yg smbut ari jdi bulan Mac... Ade yg jd 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 ade yg bru masok 19.. tpi tempias nyer sgt hebat terhadap aku yg xbersalah ni, rmai yg suke2 ati tuduuh2 umo aku 20, itu sume FITNAH semate-mate.

Hello, knpe sume ckp umo aku duaploh!!

Aku still 19 kowt, ade aaaaaaaaaa.. 7 bulan lg tuk ari jadi aku yg ke duaploh (9NOV 1990).. So sesape yg ckp umo aku duaploh thun, anda ternyata membuat kesalahan beso, saya still 19 ok?? :-)

salah ker nk rse mude skali skale.??

wlaupown nmpk tua, tpi hati aku mmg mcm org muda yg lain

wlaupown aku nmpk slalu serius, tpi dlm hati ni ade Taman

aku berhak untuk rase mude.

kpd yg da msok 20+, aku tumpang simpati.. aku tau mmg susa nk trime, tpi itulah idup..kejam.

Ari jadi aku 9th Nov 1990, (siap bold lg) jd xde sebab nk lupe ari jadi aku

klu nk bg hadiah, tarikh aku menerime hadiah stat dri 1hb NOV. jd kumpol2 la duit tuk hadiah aku,