Friday, September 28, 2012

Raspberry Pi Case

 i dont know whether you guys still remember this, or ever used this :D . But i found one at my house. the base box gave me an idea that i should build my raspberry pi's case around it. since the box is a little bigger than the raspi board, it simply provide me with an ample room to incorporate a 16x2 display into it. now i no longer need to plug it into my tv to get the ip address like before

everything is left in open air. with cable going on every side of the board

now it is much easier is my router somehow assign new ipAddress to my Raspberry Pi.

some more pics
routing the usb port to the back of the case. worst soldering ever. i dont know why my hand wont stop shaking while doing this.

 the board mount is made from scrap plastic leftover of my previous pc build. thanks to Mr. Epoxy for holding all the plastic pieces securely :D

[ last peek before it is closed for good.  the gpio>lcd cable are all soldered (got no time to test it on breadboard, i simply soldered it directly)  lol!
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